"One Night in Vegas"

Be on the look out for this documentary that will be airing on ESPN for the new season 30of30.

"Vegas" attempts to be a look at Mike Tyson through the lens of 2Pac, focusing on the September night when Tyson retook the World Boxing Assn. belt from Bruce Seldon. 2Pac was gunned down hours later.The documentary is also done as a dope comic-book feel that lightens the seriousness of the subject matter: It's jarring to go from Maya Angelou talking about the emotional weight of the memory of slavery to a series of rapid-fire panels that turn 2Pac's gunbattles into cartoons. This should be ill.

On that note TrillOG Bun B's album has a Pac & the late great Pimp C feature, here's an interview. Here's a link for the song. Check Bun out in his TISA shirt on & Owww Owww.